Some Poetry


I believe in reunion
But damn you are too beautiful to be true
I remember you as a friend now
After months of dreaming…
Of romance
And dancing under lights
On wet cobblestone streets
Where you and I once met

When I realize you
I am thrown into icy waters
And thrashed about on waves of azure loneliness
Despite the sensation of needles
I do not struggle
I do not gasp for breath
Breath which only you can fill me with
I let myself go
Like an anchor
To murky black depths
I know this is where I will find you
This is where I can love you
Rusting at the bottom
A kingdom of shadows
Here will be a deep calm
Free from the light
And sound
That ride on the surface

I know you are out there
For there are oceans
Which I have yet to encounter
And there are shores
Black sanded shores
I have yet to be thrown upon by angry waves
Wherever you are
Your love is like water
And though I do not know your face
You surround me like an ocean
In which I cannot swim
But only wait to drift your way


there was this light…

this beacon
i kept moving towards it
 but as days passed
 i  lost sight of you
and now in this darkness…
this returning darkness
there is nothing but longing
self doubt…
please excuse me
 as i have fallen once again
into the depths of myself

5 thoughts on “Some Poetry

  1. Hell!! errrrr haha holly Molly!! I love your poems.. my favorite ”forgotten” …
    I visit your blog since long time until today! hehe It’s really beautiful!!
    well, still waiting for the poem that supossed i was there (right?) =p haha anyways, just saying hello to this poet =)

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